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BAR = 5 star rated bar in Ames.
823 Wheeler Suite 4, Ames
Nov....30, 9pm we'll be playing
If you've never heard me play with Lightning Red, this would be the time and place!

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Thanks to all who came out to M & L's on this rainy Cali night. 

Art on the Prairie - rain again .... But we had a good time.
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! Super Big Thanks !
To "It's Complicated" Bombay Bicycle Club
 and Each and Every Fan and Jammer
that came out and made our 6 month run
a great success !!!!
It was definitely

Check out Tom Formaro's article about the Tuesday Open Blues Jam, below
We wish "It's Complicated" every success
as the National Opening Act for "Nappy Roots"
You can check when they will be playing in a town near you at or
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Curry is #1 in Des Moines BLUES with Reverb Nation

Curry’s harmonica and vocals are as distinctive and unique as his original songs. Master of the classic blues idioms from Delta acoustic to Chicago amplified blues, his shows are moving…some say inspiring, gutsy, engaging, and at times humorous…they show a depth and breadth rarely seen today. The perfect festival entertainer, Curry has a feel for American Roots that few can claim. Before the age of 25, Curry had already toured 45 states and the major cities of Canada. For the past 30 years, Curry has enlivened contemporary audiences with his interpretation of the blues. Having worked on multiple album projects for others and creating 4 of his own, Curry is now working on his distinctive conception “Midwest Blues.” Curry’s musical prowess includes playing the Los Angeles Music Awards, B. B. King’s House of Blues, The Mint,  Save Me Concert in the Philippines, Green Fest, Pride Fest, Orange Fest and many others on the West Coast. 

 For international festival and concert booking, contact:
Keith West 515-564-0786

For booking in the USA, contact:
 Doug Harter

In Des Moines since 2007 Curry has played with some of the finest in Central Iowa. In 2008 the producers of the film "Ecoheartland" contacted Curry to do the soundtrack for their documentary about what Iowa and other midwestern states are doing for and with the environment. See/hear the Trailer at In June 2010 Curry was asked to be the harmonica instructor for Rieman Music in Urbandale. For harmonica lesson info see: or click "Lessons" above. He's available to schools for group lessons and has been asked to conduct workshops for the Iowa Lung Association. Curry plays frequently at Tally's (most recently the Beaverdale fall Festival), The Greenwood Lounge, The Q Restaurant and Bar in WDM, and hosted with his band the Citywide Open Blues Jam at Hull Avenue Tavern. He's also played the Memorial Day Music & Wine Festival, WineJam 2010, Summerset Winery, El Bait Shop, Java Joe's 4th Street Theatre (concert), People's Court, Royal Mile, Main Gate, Bombay Bicycle Club and many others. Tina Haase Findlay & Bella Soul, VooDoo3, and other bands often ask him to sit in to add his distinctive sound. 

For booking in central Iowa contact:

Bonita Crowe at Da' Vine Entertainment
515-277-1657 ... 515-314-4472
909-557-3346 or 515-255-4997


Curry 1 Sheet

STREET CRED: Larimer Street, Denver, CO ~ Jackson Square Park, French Quarter, New Orleans ~ Old Town, Chicago ~ Gastown, St Louis ~ Washington Square Park, Manhattan ~ Taos, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, NM ~ Dinkytown, Minneapolis, MN ~ Silverton, Estes Park, CO ~ Boston Common, MS ~ Golden Gate Park, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, CA ~ and others….

VENUES: Los Angeles Music Awards ~ B. B. King’s House of Blues, Universal City, CA ~ The Mint, LA, CA ~ Babe’s and Ricky’s, LA ~ Angel’s Roadhouse ~ Green Fest ~ The Vault ~ The Boiler Room ~ Blue Guitar ~ The Ponderosa ~ Crossroads ~ British Bulldog ~ Stell’s ~ Gram’s ~ Pride Festival, L.A. ~ Orange Fest, Riverside ~ Walk For Life, San Bernardino ~ Apple Valley ~ The Open Door, Sonrise, Westminster House, Vancouver, BC ~ Save Me Concert, Davao City, Philippines ~ and many others….

PLAYED WITH OR OPENED FOR: Marcia Ball, Spider John Koerner, Finis Tasby, Kal David, Mobetta Loretta, Kent Burnside and The New Generation, Spiro Nicolopoulos, Big Dave Little, Cliff Vermillion, The Greg Stein Group, Mike Taylor, Lightning Red, Bob Pace, Rob Lumbard, Matt Woods, Bryce Janey, Kevin BF Bert, Chad Elliott, Kelly McGuire, Brian Price, Stanly Butler, Oso Rey, Matt Coleman, Hobo Jazz, Alain Emmanuel, Olga Tapia, King’s Men, Testimony, Reassigned, Mustard, Marianne Keith, Chad Patrick, Big Papa & the TCB, Mia Mercado, Jacob Calderon, Ben Rombouts, The Other Side, All Marbles, Phoenix, Bucksworth, Jacob Calderon, Taylor, Crystal Marie, and many others….

STUDIO RECORDINGS: Fender, Norco, CA ~ Green Door, Riverside, CA ~ Grapevine, Vancouver, BC ~ Topanga Canyon Analog, CA ~ Living Sound, Des Moines, IA ~ and others….

FILMS: Peace Love 2 Hours ~ Ecoheartland

CD-ALBUMS: Peace for Life ~ Master’s Eyes, Testimony ~ Natural Blue ~ BLUES from the HEARTLAND, The Spirit of Christmas, Tiemeyer McCain ~ The Duke Michaels Project ~ Baby Rock Me, Ken Jones ~ Blue Bird, Mia Mercado ~ Diaper Changin' Days, The Dads ~ Heartwing, Gary Banta ~ Avery, Brian Holtz ~ and others….

For Booking Info Contact:
Doug Harter, or call 909-557-3346

W H A T    O T H E R S     A R E    S A Y I N G

“They love you man!” Kal David, Blue Guitar
“I’d play with you anytime.” Finis Tasby,
Blues Lifetime Achievement Award recipient
“Thanks for opening for us.” Marcia Ball at The Mint
“Your harmonica is like a shot of heroin...dirty, strong, and a slice of heaven that I can't kick...
I'm sendin' wifey out to turn tricks for more!!!!!, I'm not on junk....that's how much your music works on me though.”
“When it's done and it’s done right you can't escape the call of the Mississippi Saxophone. I'm diggin' it!”
Jason Stuart, COBALT BLUE
“Your music sounds great, very cool and tasty!” Palo Rodriguez
“Nice clean sound.” Chainsaw Dupont
“Curry is so low and sweet with the blues.” Mike Styles
“ Terrific. Amazing. I’ve been putting on concerts for years. Curry and Rob, you guys are the best.
What a show. We want you back as often as you can make it.” Bonita Crowe, GRAPEVINE
“Just what we needed. The kitchen help even turned off their radio to listen.” Robert Sanda, TALLY’S
“Wow, these guys tore it up! Let me know when you’re coming back to Cali?”
Jason Nutter, GRAND ENTERTAINMENT, Angel’s Roadhouse.
“Best harp man around”
fan, Blues on Grand
“You’re the only harmonica man I want to play on anything I produce.”
“Some people can play for years and never get it. You’ve got it!”
C. C. Stewart, VOODOO 3

Curry's - Autobiography

Born and raised in a musical family in Des Moines, Iowa, I grew up listening to mom playing piano or dad playing piano or guitar and both singing harmony to hymns, popular music, or old time songs about cowboys, big women, and gamblers. Hardly a day went by that a Mills Brother’s song wasn’t heard in my home. Mom taught me how to sing harmony. I sang at church, school, social events and started piano lessons at age 8. After high school I started playing guitar and harmonica. Upon hearing Little Walter and Sonny Terry I was convinced I wanted that harmonica sound.

I hitch-hiked literally all over the country playing at coffee houses, parks, and bars. I’d learn something from every locally great harmonica player wherever I went. I vividly remember being in Woodstock, NY and cornering an excellent harmonica player who said, “Put one hand on my throat and the other on my diaphragm.” When he made THE SOUND, I COULD FEEL WHAT WAS HAPPENING. My life hasn’t been the same since. I went to Minneapolis to meet Tony Glover whose harmonica techniques I’d studied, Boston to meet Mel Lyman of Jug Band fame, played with “Spider” John Koerner in Toronto, met my idol Sonny Terry there also (he told me 'bout a "black cat bone"), got schooled by Bo Diddley about amplification equipment in Las Vegas. Back then I would go anywhere sing and play anything with anybody: bluegrass, country, Gospel, didn’t matter. But my first love was always the blues.

At age 25 after having a spiritual conversion I had a dream wherein I heard music that was more beautiful, powerful, peaceful, and inspiring than any music made by all the greats combined. Nothing and no one certainly including myself has approached it before or since. Believe me, if it was possible to reproduce THE SOUND I heard in that dream, I would.  I gave up blues thinking it was “the devil’s music,” smashed my LP collection, and put down my harmonica for about a year and a half. But then, I heard Black Gospel and Spirituals for the first time and fell in love with THE SOUND. That’s when I started developing my own style. I would always imitate the greats. But, I would emphasize my own uniqueness also. After graduating from college where for 2 years I minored in music, I immediately became a music minister playing guitar and singing first in evangelism in Oklahoma (recording ”Peace for Life”) then in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where for 10 years I was pastor, youth and music minister playing coffee houses, concerts, churches, evangelistic meetings, and on the street (ultimately recording “Master’s Eyes”).

From about 1984 my spiritual and musical thinking started evolving a great deal. From my perspective now, heaven and earth are one. Spiritual and natural are one. Happiness and sadness are one. My approach to spirituality and music is one of balance and harmony. Blues is not evil. It’s a part of life. Faith based music is not other worldly. It’s how we deal with this world. Both blues and Gospel are ways of dealing with pain. Since 1987 I’ve played Chicago blues with the Greg Stein Group playing B. B. King’s House of Blues, The Ponderosa and other venues, had the privilege of sitting in with Kal David, Finis Tasby, Stanly Butler, and Chris Thayer and performing and recording with Mike Taylor, in southern California. And, with Mobetta Loretta opened for Marcia Ball at the Mint in L. A. and played Green Fest and the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2007. With Matt Coleman played coffee houses and private events. With Olga Tapia I played Orange Fest, Gay Pride Fest, and countless coffee houses. With Spiro Nicolopoulos, played the Vault Martini Bar and other venues. With Big Dave Little played Angel’s Roadhouse, the British Bulldog and others. I also played Contemporary Gospel, R & B, and Soul with Alain Emmanuel, sang tight 5 part harmony with the King’s Men, and contemporary Christian praise & worship with Reassigned. In 2007 I compiled my eclectic recording “Natural Blue" from studio and live recorded performances with various artists mentioned above.

Since moving back to Des Moines in 2007 I’ve sung Gospel with Tina Haas Findlay and Lester Small and played blues harp with Kent Burnside and the New Generation, Bob Pace, Matt Woods, Chad Elliott, Brian Holtz, Kim Mason, and Rob Lumbard. With Bryce Janey I played the 2012 Bowlful of Blues, Iowa Historical Society, and other venues. Since 2009 with Lightning Red we completed the original soundtrack for the documentary film, Ecoheartland, and performed at Fourth Street Theatre, the Warren Opera House, and other venues. In 2010 I compiled my CD "BLUES from the HEARTLAND", mostly live from KFMG 90.1 FM radio. In 2010 I was also asked to teach at Rieman Music where I am still giving harmonica lessons. My focus has been and will be on entertaining from the broad perspective of my past 40 year’s experience. I’m also focusing on creating something I call Mid West Blues, musically eclectic with lyrics emphasizing Mid West themes. For an overview of studios I’ve recorded with, films I’ve worked on, and CD albums I’ve produced as well as venues I’ve played at and people I’ve played with not mentioned here, see CURRY 1 SHEET